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WHEELS is a thought leadership program aimed at creating a framework for applying creative ideas to solve common problems for the benefit of citizens on a global scale.    WHEELS aims to integrate the skills, experience and contributions of thinkers, academics, entrepreneurs, innovators, philanthropists and government leaders in six areas of social development:

  • Water
  • Health
  • Energy
  • Education
  • Lifestyles
  • Security

The outcome of activities generated by the WHEELS program is to spawn business ventures and attract philanthropic activities targeted at improving the manner in which  basic services are delivered to society.

The mission of WHEELS is to facilitate the formation of socially conscious ventures for the benefit of citizens globally, by bringing together human capital and other necessary resources to successfully apply innovative solutions to society’s common problems. Examples of solutions to common problems are:

  1. Provide clean, drinking water to citizens in urban and in remote geographies.
  2. Bring affordable healthcare for basic needs, especially in villages and where healthcare is scarce or not available.
  3. Use clean, green technology to deliver cheap energy to power light, cooking, heating and manufacturing.
  4. Deliver affordable or free education to the masses, by applying technology to deliver practical learning by skilled teachers.
  5. Create awareness for the need for sanitary environments.
  6. Apply technology to effectively fight threats to society, from cyber terrorism and physical terrorism.

The goal of WHEELS is to identify and assemble entrepreneurs, thinkers, academia,  political leaders and skilled professionals who can facilitate the creation of teams to apply ideas to practical use.

This will be done by the launch of two database projects, which are a key asset of the program:

1. The Idea Foundry – a database of innovative ideas contributed by members and interested parties will be assembled and categorized.

2. Resource Database – a collection of names and contact information of professionals who identify themselves with skills and experience in a field (or fields) of their choosing and relevant to WHEELS.  This portal would also serve as a collaborative platform for professionals and scientists and as a networking forum for innovators and investors to evaluate business and professional opportunities.

WHEELS is governed by an advisory board that sets strategy and recommends activities for track leaders. Each track additionally constitutes its own advisory committee populated by professionals with expertise in their particular track. All members and participants in WHEELS are volunteers interested in contributing their time and skills for the benefit of the WHEELS program and receive no compensation.

An important goal of the program is to actively promote collaboration between US government agencies and target country agencies by seeking out and participating in, programs that are aimed at activities that benefit participating countries.

WHEELS is an initiative of the Capital IIT Alumni Association headquartered in Chantilly, VA,  near Washington DC.

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